The Teaching Team

Linda Day – Director

Linda has 25 years experience as a BSL/English presenter, interpreter and translator for TV, video and in recent years for a variety of websites. She was one of the first Deaf people to become registered as a qualified BSL/ASL Interpreter in 2012,

Nationally and internationally recognised for her role in the development of teaching BSL, she has led her field in adapting the curriculum to match learner’s needs. She enjoys teaching and has an innovative approach to learning and teaching. She taught various sign language levels from beginner to interpreting level over the years at the Centre for Deaf Studies, University of Bristol.

Linda used to be an iBSL External Examiner for Level 2 to 6.

Course responsibilities

Main assessment and course co-ordinator for the entire interpreting programme.

Cherry Day – Admin

Cherry became a qualified BSL/English Interpreter in 2016 and has worked for Signworld since 2012.

She is a native BSL user having deaf Parents, sister and Grandparents, including two deaf Nephews and has grown up within the deaf community.

Since having two little boys, Cherry has taken a step back from freelance interpreting and is focussing on raising her family, but still doing the admin side of things for Signworld. Interpreting still has a big place in her heart and hopes to return to freelance work at some point in the near future.

Cherry enjoys running a 5K in her spare time.

Jeff Brattan-Wilson –

Jeff comes from a Deaf family and has used BSL almost since he was born.

Having previously worked for the BDA and RAD, Jeff now works for Social Care Wales as an improvement and development lead officer.

Jeff was one of the very first Deaf people in the UK to become a qualified translator, and has spent many years working as an onscreen translator. He is also qualified as an assessor and sat as the ASLI South Wales Regional Chair.

Jeff is an avid theatre goer and a massive Disney fan.

Course leader in:

Cultural equivalence, translation theory, Deaf culture, sight translation

Stephen Brattan-Wilson – Teacher-Assessor

Stephen has been involved in the Deaf community and has been using BSL for 20 years, initially working with Deaf colleagues to provide training opportunities to disabled people.

Having spent many years working in mental health and homelessness services he decided on a career change to become an interpreter, mostly at the urging of the local Deaf community.

Stephen has a degree in Applied Psychology, with a major focus on linguistics and clinical psychology. He is also a qualified trainer, a qualified assessor and a classically trained musician. He can often be found with his nose in a book.

Course leader in:

Linguistics, creative language use, analysis

Julie Doyle – Guest Teacher-Assessor

Julie has been a freelance BSL/English Interpreter in South Wales for 20 years and has spent 2 of those years interpreting in New Zealand. She has extensive experience in most settings.  Julie has been the South Wales Regional Chair and National Secretary for ASLI and was a supervisor in the BSL Futures Project,. She has qualified as an ASLI Mentor.

Julie has experience training interpreters and presented at various conferences, notably at the European Society for Mental Health and Deafness conference (Cambridge 2010), also, at the British Society for Mental Health and Deafness conference (London 2003).

Julie is a native user of BSL, having Deaf Parents. When she isn’t running around after two wonderful little girls, she enjoys the theatre and attempts (badly) to look cool in dance classes. She also quite enjoys being chased about town by zombies.

Specializes in:

Interpreting theory and models, ethics, reflective tools

Fiona Nicholson – Guest Teacher-Assessor

Fiona is a registered and qualified translator (RSLT) and has been working in a wide range of translation domains for many years.  These range from spoken-led television programmes to the translation of formal documents across both public and private sectors.
Fiona also recently qualified as an intralingual (relay) interpreter (RSLI), one of the first in the UK, after having worked in advocacy services with the local Welsh Deaf Community. She has also spent many years teaching BSL, from Level 1 through to Level 6.
When she isn’t busy translating or teaching, she can often be found walking dogs – not just hers, but other people’s too!
Specialises in:
Translation, bi-cultural topics.