What happens if I fail the TSLI assessment?

There will be a day of practical and written assessments that are used together to judge whether you are at the standard. If you are not successful in the practical assessment, there will be a second opportunity later in the programme. If any additional assessments are needed after this, it would have to be set up especially and would incur additional costs, which would be kept to a minimum.

Who marks my work?

Your Teacher-Assessor will guide you in the development of your Part 1 assignments and will be responsible for marking the majority of your work.  For Part 2, your Teacher-Assessor will mark the first six internal assessments and Signature will mark the remaining six assessments.

What happens if I cannot make one of the dates?

We expect you to attend all the sessions. Missing any sessions, even one, will have an impact on your ability to pass the assessments. So please put the dates in your diary now. If something unforeseeable does crop up, we will look at it on an individual basis. But if replacement sessions are needed, these will incur a charge. You will also need to arrive on time and the lessons and assessments will start without you, if you are not there.  Please allow plenty of time to travel, as you would with any interpreting assignment.

What accommodation arrangements have you made?


Who will organise the assessments?

Signworld will organise all the assessments across the programme, apart from one assessment during the Part 2 course – Assessment 10, which will be organised by Signature.

Is it possible to ‘fail’ the qualifications?

Yes, as with all programmes you will need to meet the standards and pass your assessments.  We will give you the opportunity to be re-assessed and you will be supported throughout the programme.  All work and assessments need to be completed within the programme.  If you do not complete one of the units, you can re-sit the assessment but will need to pay for it.

How many resits can I do? Will this cost more?

You can re-submit work within the Part 1 course. You are able to re-submit once for each assessment without incurring any additional costs. For the Part 2 external assessment, you will be charged £90 for each resit. 

What equipment will I need to bring with me?

Most learners bring their laptops/tablets with them for each session. For remote learning via Zoom, you will need a reliable WIFI/broadband connection and a device that has a camera function. During remote learning, you will have a 5 minute break every hour.

Is it online or classroom learning?

Will be classroom learning but …online…

What support will I get? (From teachers & learners)

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Can I pay in instalments?

Yes. Payment in monthly instalments is standard for our course. you can spread the course fees across 3-12 monthly instalments, which will be invoiced on 1st of each month. Each instalment is due by 1st of the following month. An initial deposit of 20% is required first of all, followed by a number of smaller payments.

What is included in the course fee? (Part 1 and Part 2)

Part 1 – The course fee includes the cost of training room hire, tuition fees, TSLI assessment fees, Part 1 assignments and the Signature assessment fees.

Part 2 – The course fee includes the cost of training room hire, tuition fees, assessment fees and the Signature assessment fees.

What if I have to miss a class?

If you are ill or you have other commitments and can’t attend class, please contact Signworld as soon as practicably possible. All contact details for the administrator and teachers can be found in your Induction Pack.

What if I miss my assessment?

If you do not attend your assessment, then you will need to arrange for a re-sit outside of normal classroom hours and additional fees will apply. If you have extenuating circumstances for your absence then you must inform us as soon as possible. Assessment fees are non-refundable once the assessment has been booked.

When will the assessments take place?

For Part 1, you are expected to start your Part 1 assignments in May and submitted by the end of November, including one essay. All TSLI/TSLT assessments (apart from Sight Translation) will be formative assessments.  All the assessments will take place during classroom hours so you must make yourself available on those dates and times.

What is the refund policy?

The deposit is always non-refundable. You are entitled to a full refund of the course fees (minus the deposit) if you withdraw within 14 days of starting the course. After 14 days, you will not be entitled to a refund unless you qualify for extenuating circumstances as set out in our Extenuating Circumstances Policy. You must agree to our Refund Policy when booking your place on the course.


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